Have you ever given a desire to see a falling star? That sparkling spark that you saw in the sky was actually a material mass called a meteorite, making its way through the Earth’s atmosphere. Meteorites are made up of an alloy made of iron (Fe) and nickel (Ni). So it is, iron , like the one we use today for wrought iron works , for example. But let’s get back. When the meteorites enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they travel at a very high speed and reach a high temperature due to friction. This is why most meteorites burn before touching the Earth.
Sometimes, some meteorites do not consume completely and manage to reach Earth. Exploring the graves of Egyptian antiquities, archaeologists have discovered tools and jewelry made of wrought iron , some dating from the 4000 IH! If the Egyptians had used pure iron found in the crust of the Earth, their gear would have been rusty and decomposed long ago. However, the iron used by the Egyptians contained a small amount of another metal: nickel. As a result, the Egyptians have seen falling stars in their times, as we see them today.
Thus, given the heavenly origin of the metal, these ancient Africans have called it ba-ne-pe, which means “the metal of paradise.” They believed the iron descending from heaven was a gift of the gods. At that time, wrought iron jewelry  was rare and highly valued by people. Today anyone can afford to embellish their interiors or the exterior of the house through a wrought iron work .

But from Egyptian “metal of paradise” to what we call wrought iron today is a long way. Over time, other abundant sources of ironhave been discovered , becoming very common, wherever we go, we are surrounded by it. Iron , like any other element in the periodical system, creates and sustains many beings throughout the universe. Iron is everywhere, from meteorites flying through space to the blood cells that circulate in our bodies. This is the story of iron .

That’s why we like to think that any of our wrought iron products also contains a starfish.

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